Heartland Boynton Beach: Lawsuits, Ratings, Inspections and Citations

How does Heartland Boynton Beach compare to other Palm Beach nursing home facilities? To rate this nursing home, we look at how many residents are suing Heartland Boynton Beach in neglect lawsuits, as well as the State of Florida's ratings, inspections and citations of the facility. First, let's look at who owns Heartland Boynton Beach.

Ownership & Control of Heartland Boynton Beach

Companies or People with a Direct Ownership Interest in this Facility: HCR III HEALTHCARE, LLC (100%)
Companies or People who Control or Manage this Facility: HCR MANOR CARE SERVICES LLC; ORMOND, PAUL

Lawsuits Against Heartland Boynton Beach - Former Residents Suing Heartland Boynton Beach

When a resident is wrongfully injured in a local nursing home, they can file a Palm Beach County nursing home abuse and neglect lawsuit. The following cases have been recently filed, where former residents are suing Heartland Boynton Beach in a nursing home neglect lawsuit.

  • Novak v. Heartland Boynton Beach
  • Dahmer v. Heartland Boynton Beach
  • Kupferberg v. Heartland Boynton Beach
  • Nadler v. Heartland Boynton Beach
  • Lotz v. Heartland Boynton Beach
  • Kreppel v. Heartland Boynton Beach
  • Bedsworth v. Heartland Boynton Beach
  • Khachadourian v. Heartland Boynton Beach
  • Cohen v. Heartland Boynton Beach
  • Ginsburg v. Heartland Boynton Beach

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Heartland Boynton Beach Quality Ratings

Medicare.gov Nursing Home Compare Overall Rating: 2 Stars (Below Average)

Healthgrove Smart Rating: 61 (Lowest Rated Nursing Home in Boynton Beach)

FloridaHealthFinder.gov Overall Rating: 1 Star (Below Average)

Heartland Boynton Beach Citations, Penalties and Inspections

Medicare.gov Recent Penalties: None.

AHCA Citations/Investigations: 2.

CarePathways State Inspection Deficiencies: This facility has more cited deficiencies than the average nursing home in Florida.

Choosing a Palm Beach County nursing home is an important decision and should not be made just by looking at prior statistics. We are not suggesting that one Palm Beach nursing home is better than another; we are merely providing you data which can weigh into your decision. Be sure to visit each potential nursing home and speak with the staff and management before choosing a nursing home in Palm Beach County.

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