West Palm Beach Assisted Living Facility for Alzheimer's Patients Vote Pending

As of today, the 6.6 acre property in Palm Beach Gardens has a deed restriction for bioscience, but property owners want to build a Palm Beach County assisted living facility catering to residents with Alzheimer's and dementia. The subject property is located in Palm Beach Gardens near the Scripps / FAU campus. The 6.6 acres off of Donald Ross Road would be northern Palm Beach County's first Alzheimer's ALF. Some commissioners have voiced public support for the ALF campus, while others do not believe it complies with the spirit of the deed restriction. There may be a possibility of Alzheimer's research being conducted at the ALF.

The Board of Commissioners will vote in West Palm Beach on Tuesday whether as assisted living facility qualifies as a 'bioscience' industry.

Palm Beach County New Alzheimers ALF

The proposed assisted living facility would be built near FAU campus off Donald Ross Rd.