Nursing Home Resident's Fatal Beating was Minimized by Facility

Ruth Murray was a confused 82 year old resident of the Emerald South nursing home facility. Ms. Murray mistakenly entered the room of another male resident who had violent propensities. The agitated male resident beat Ms. Murray; inflicting significant injuries.

Shockingly, when Ruth was transferred from the nursing home to hospital, the facility records only mention a laceration to her temporal, a scratch on the bridge of her nose and a hematoma on her left side. Emergency room physicians determined her injuries to be far more severe, including neck fractures, lumbar fractures, broken ribs, a punctured lung and extensive broken bones in her face.

No one knows for sure what happened at the nursing home that day, but the Murray family believes the facility was trying to cover up the resident on resident attack. A former Emerald South employee called the facility conditions "deplorable." The State has investigated this facility before the attack, but as of this post, the nursing home remains open for business.

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